Community Service

10 Hours of Community Service Due by January 9th!

Community Service Hours Log



15 Bottle caps = 1 Hour of Community Service DUE Oct. 5th – These will be taken to a children’s hospital. Every 1,000 bottle caps is a free treatment of Chemo for kids. 

8:30-2pm Volleyball tournament 6 Hours OR 6 Merits. Only 20 can be selected. Sign up with Rodgers or Thompson. 

6:15-7:30 THURSDAYS superstars, Klein Park baseball fields on Spring Cypress. Must check in with Coach Troutman. This will count as 1 hour every time you go or 5 hours if you go for 4 hours. This is available EVERY Thursday.

5:15-8pm Thursday September 13th Volleyball Game. Must check in with Coach McMeans.